So you’re in the market for a floor that protects against water. You’ve heard of water-resistant and waterproof. So what’s the difference between the two? Let’s find out.

Time is the difference

The most significant difference between water-resistant and waterproof flooring is time. One flooring gives you a time limit by which the spill needs to be cleaned up. Whereas the other has no time limit.

Water-resistant materials usually have a 72-hour window by which you can clean up the liquid mess, spill, or leak, and your floors will remain functional and looking great. In addition, these floors are suitable for some areas of the home. For example, foyers, children's rooms, living rooms, and kitchens are ideal for water-resistant flooring.

On the other hand, waterproof floors are impervious to water and liquids. Therefore, they are a great way to get peace of mind for your home. This is because there is no impending danger from leaks, spills, and accidents. Some homeowners use waterproof flooring for all their floor needs to ensure complete protection in the home.


You have waterproof options, such as tile and luxury vinyl flooring. In luxury vinyl, you have two types of construction, Wood Plastic Composite and Stone Plastic Composite (WPC and SPC). These are core materials and will not peel, ripple, or warp when exposed to water, no matter how long the exposure. Add this to vinyl, which is also waterproof, and you have a powerful deterrent for liquids on your floors.

With tile, you have vitreous and impervious tile. Vitreous tile soaks up some water and cannot go outdoors like waterproof tile. Impervious tile, like porcelain, can be inside and outdoors because it is entirely resistant to moisture. So when looking at tile, choose the waterproof tile for your kitchen and bath, and laundry rooms. Be sure to ask our staff about impervious tile.

We can help

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