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A One on One Flooring and Design design consultation will answer any questions you have about your planned project

When you don’t fully understand the process, new flooring projects can be confusing. Our design consultation gives you all the answers.

A One on One Flooring and Design design consultation will answer all the questions you may have about any new interior design project before you begin it. What’s more, it can help you make that inspiration a reality without spending more money than is actually necessary. Our design consultants can now help you get the interior design that you’ve always wanted without exceeding an affordable budget. We will take your ideas for flooring and show you how to make them a reality. Our skilled team members are available to offer expert design advice and services to any home or business owners in the Hazel Green, Huntsville, Madison Fayetteville & surrounding Alabama areas. Design consultation from One on One Flooring and Design can open the door that brings you the desired improvements for your residential or commercial property.

What can a design consultation do for you?

There is little doubt that making improvements to your house or business with little or no experience can be complicated and confusing. Especially once the bill comes. You can end up spending thousands of dollars more than you budgeted for. Make smart decisions when it comes to the finest products and services for your interior design and take advantage of One on One Flooring and Design's free design consultation.

Here are some useful guidelines for redesigning your residence or business property:

  • Create a budget and don’t exceed it: You should determine just how much money you will need to properly improve your property. This will prevent you from overspending. Keep aware of all product price tags and service costs. Find substitutes for overly expensive products that are not really necessary.

  • Choose your own style: Decide what direction you want to go in style wise and let your interior design consultants help you make it happen. Listen to quality pointers and remain open to new suggestions, without losing sight of your instincts.

  • Combine appearance with functionality: Decide what is more important to you, looks or performance. You really don’t have to choose one priority over the other. One on One Flooring and Design currently stocks numerous product options to satisfy any function without sacrificing great appearance.
Flooring Design Consultation in Hazel Green AL
Don’t forget that you can depend on one of the experienced design consultants at One on One Flooring and Design to help you plan the interior design you really want. We stock a very extensive supply of products in colors and styles for you to choose from.

One on One Flooring and Design is here to provide the best installation products and services at low rates. Stop by our showroom in Hazel Green to set up an appointment with one of our professional advisors. We are looking forward to discussing your project and arranging for your free design consultation.
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